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                           DON BOSCO’S EDUCATIONAL SYSTEM


Education will always be the number one concern of the world. However, the more closely related to human nature an educational system is, the better its chances of  succeeding. Don Bosco’s educational philosophy has its roots sunk simultaneously in humanity and Gods revelation to mankind. It is an education which responds to youth’s innate desire “to know and to grow”. We call it Salesian Education. It is philosophy of Don Bosco . The objective of the Salesian Education is well integrated growth of the young person. It has its roots firmly fixed in Don Bosco’s Preventive System.


                                     PREVENTIVE SYSTEM

The “preventive system” of education is experience based, rather than theory based. It is the fruit of Don Bosco’s life – long apostolate among young people mostly poor and underprivileged a commitment undertaken with a warm, optimistic and joyful approach to youth, whom he always called “society’s greatest hope”.

In Don Bosco’s own words:

“The preventive system is based entirely on REASON, RELIGION and LOVING KINDNESS .It excluded all violent punishment and tries to do without even the slightest chastisement.” “Don Bosco “these three mutual depend on and tightly interwoven factors in good education.

 REASON: The term “reason” emphasizes Christian humanism , the value of the individual, of conscience, of human nature, of his culture and social living .It implies an over-all good sense of judgment, reasonableness in making demands or punishing , an ‘understanding’ attitude engendered by personal concern and wholesome psychology.

RELIGION: “Religion” indicates that Don Bosco’s pedagogy is essentially transcendent, in so  far as the ultimate educational objective at which it aims is the formation of the  believer .For him the properly formed and mature person is a citizen with sound faith and noble principles. Don Bosco insisted that its eminently human values transcend the limits of denominational religion.

LOVING KINDNESS: “Loving Kindness “ is expressed in the commitment of the educator as a person entirely dedicated to the good of his pupils, present in their midst,  ready to accept sacrifices and work hard in the fulfillment of his mission. It means simple of thoughtfulness, personal concern for the pupil’s efforts to know and to grow.

Without doubt, KINDNESS is Don Bosco’s chief contribution to modern education. Good education os based on personal concern for the individual’s worth and that, without love, education can be very sterile and mechanical, a very dull and dreary job. 

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