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Theatre is one of the most enriching experiences a person can have. Not only it does widen one’s experience with life but it helps develop skills for coping more effectively with life’s real problems. I am certain that human dignity has its roots in the quality of young people’s experiences.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Dr. Lee Salk.

Theatre is acreative activity it provides a medium through which the individual can express his/her ideas and reaction to the impressions he/she receives and by expressing them learn to evaluate and experience them. By this process vague impressions are brought into sharp focus. Puzzling ideas are clarified and fragmentary are put in perspective. Drama like other creative arts makes the individual examine what he is thinking and feeling. Imaginative observation is stimulated and our understanding of the world and ourselves is widened and deepened. From the earliest times drama has fulfilled this basic need of human beings.


1) To enhance confidence in movement and speech. To strengthen concentrationand logical organization of ideas thus developing the power of analytical thinking.

2) To promote the growth of development of self-awareness and expression.

3) To develop tolerance and sensitivity towards oneself and others in society to develop appropriate attitude towards oneself and others through creative thinking and expression.

4) To understand the inner and outer conflicts of life and help find solutions.

5) To create aesthetic awareness.

6) Artistic Awareness and develop imagination and creative thinking.

7) To integrate learning experience of other subjects into drama.

8) To develop sense of discipline and appropriate social responsibilities.

9) To create an awareness of culture, traditions, and traditional arts of our country which face the threat of being drowned out by the so called mainstream and popular arts.

In short the Theatre Arts syllabus seeks to enhance and sharpen the students in using skills such as effective communication, dynamic leadership through problem solving, critical thinking and decision making, ability to think creatively and act confidently through acting, improvisations ,scripting and performances teamwork and inter personal relationship with the self, friends and family and society, and self-management and self-awareness building skills through effective conflict management, negotiations and ability to cope with stress and manage time effectively.
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