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Scout/Guide, Work Experience & Social Service
Work Experience

Work Experience a subject taught from 5th – 10th. Various basic needs of life are taught so that the students can cope up in life and earn a decent living.
The students of std V are taught basic stitches which can help them to mend their own clothes. Fixing loose buttons or hamming can be done on their own.
Table cloth can be made with various embroidery stitches like cross stitches, stem stitch, chain stitch, net stitch, running stitch etc. Old newspaper is used to make vases by using balloons, glue and thread. Painting is also done to beautify the vase. Paper lanterns are taught and made to decorate their houses during festivities.
The VI standard students take up fabric painting which helps them to prepare pillow cases, table cloth, bed sheets or even paint their own t-shirts.
Beautiful woolen teddies are made under the teachers’ attention. Various colours make their work beautiful. Sceneries are painted on the board and sand art/painting is used to give a three dimensional effect for the painting.
Fabric painting, woolen teddies or sand painting if perfected, the child could sell and earn something for self or even for his/her family.
Crochet and knitting is introduced in the VII standard. It’s a lovely art and if done professionally, the child will be benefitted in more than one way. Use of plastic has become a nuisance to the world. We teach the students to make paper bags from old paper which can be used to buy or sell groceries. Other fancy bags of can be made for daily use like carrying small articles like pen, pencils and note books.

The VIII standard students are formally introduced to the world of work. The dignity of lobour is taught. Old greeting, Wedding cards or any other paper which otherwise is a waste is put to good use.

Candle making which is becoming a craze today is taught. Different types of candles are explained and taught. Basic nutritious food is introduced to the students. Every child enjoys cooking different types of food. The students are benefitted as he/she can cook and eat in their parents ‘absence. Preparation and preservation of nutritious food is continued in the IX and X standard. Besides that the IX standard students are taught flower making like organdie and sock materials or fancy paper flowers.
Glass painting is also taught to these students.

The X standard students are introduced to making and maintenance of teaching aids. The teaching aids are made from different materials like paper, straws, pipes and tissue papers.

Work experience introduces the child to the world of work which can maintain and sustain them in their life.
Social service

Social service a subject where pupils are taught to do service to the needy people without expecting or accepting any reward for the work or favours done with that as a concept, students are made to do petty work like cleaning the class, the school corridors, the laboratory, the library and the campus.
They are also made aware of the social evils like smoking cigarettes, consumption of alcohol and abuse of drug
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